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Do you have a low budget? Do you have a special message you need to tell all of your members? Do you need to build morale in your Local?

Union Strategies Inc. has the right solution for you!

Union Strategies Inc. offers you a wide selection of quality products to help you make distinctive and lasting impressions. Our exceptional assortment of products lets you choose items ranging from Fun and Leisure, Travel, Personal Style, Housewares and Electronics, Clothing and much more.

Promotional items reflect your Local’s signature style and easily demonstrate your understanding of the recipient’s needs and interests.


Union Strategies Inc. works with various companies to foster a culture of recognition which increases your Local’s retention. At Union Strategies Inc. we ensure that we understand the purpose of each event and take every step necessary to make it a success.


Union Strategies Inc. provides complete digital and print graphic solutions including state of the art logos, graphics, newsletters, brochures, posters, business cards, supporter cards, and much more! We can easily create modern and eye-catching designs to place on your promotional products, handle all of your printing needs, and best of all, deliver materials on time while working within your budget.